UNI announces closure of communal buildings

Campus Community,

Upon discovery of the existence of substantial community spread of COVID-19 in the state of Iowa and clear guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health and CDC to practice social distancing techniques (commonly defined as separation of at least six feet), several facilities at UNI will close as of this morning.

The UNI Wellness/Recreation Center and Health Beat in the student union will be closed effective Monday, March 16, until further notice. Staff are working to move as many programs as possible into an online format. Please visit the UNI Recreation Services web page or the Recreation Services Facebook page for detailed information about program cancellations and updates. The outside entrance for Cedar Valley Medical Specialists will remain open for scheduled public appointments.

Other facilities closing as of today include Maucker Student Union and Rod Library. Rob Library has robust online resources for those in need of these tools, and we encourage students and faculty to take advantage. The Panther Pantry in Maucker will remain open through their side entrance. Please the Panther Pantry web page for details about hours of operation.

Each of these facilities will be open only to building employees until further notice.

The UNI-Dome and the McLeod Center will remain open at this time, but those entering the facilities are strongly advised to use social distancing techniques.

We will provide the campus with additional guidance regarding COVID-19 and its changing impact on campus as soon as possible. Visit prepare.uni.edu regularly for updates.