U-Bill credits, course grading extensions and commencement

Dear Panther students,

The following email provides details on several important changes that will assist you with your U-Bill and your academic progress. Please read the entire email carefully. The following credits will be issued to student accounts as appropriate, by the end of this week. Prorated credit will be issued with an effective date of March 23 for the following items.


DOR Housing
The spring housing contract runs from January 10, 2020 to May 8, 2020, for a total of 120 nights. Students were asked to vacate their room by end of day on March 23, 2020. Students who moved out will receive a credit for the remaining 47 nights of their housing contract. The credit was calculated by taking the number of nights remaining on the contract divided by the number of nights in the spring contract (47/120=39.17%). For students staying on campus the remainder of the semester, there is no credit.

Students who have requested storage of belongings will also receive the credit. If you still have belongings in your room, please fill out a storage request.

DOR Dining
For students staying on campus, the spring dining contract runs from January 12, 2020 to May 8, 2020. With the dining centers closed during spring break, this calculates to a total of 109 service days. The credit was calculated by taking the number of days remaining on the contract by the number of days in the spring contract (47/109=43.12%). In addition, all students will receive a credit for unused Dining Dollars. For students staying on campus for the remainder of the semester with a meal plan, there is no credit. For students who live off-campus with a meal plan, you can cancel your meal plan with no penalty by emailing your request to residence@uni.edu. For off-campus students with dining dollars, per a previous communication those are being refunded unless you requested to keep your remaining balance active.

Course and Lab Fees
The spring semester has 79 instruction days. The credit was calculated beginning March 23 when online instruction began (35/79 = 44.30%). Applied music fees will only be refunded if the services were unable to be met.

Recreation Fee
Spring semester access began the beginning of January and was scheduled to end May 8, 2020. With the Wellness and Recreation Center closed beginning March 16, 54 days were excluded from use. The credit will be 43.2% (54/126) of the recreation fee.

Parking Permits
All student parking permits (B, C, CP, M and R) will have a prorated credit applied, unless the student is currently staying in the residence halls. C permits are honored in CP parking lots for the remainder of the semester. The requirement to return the parking permit is waived, so you do NOT need to return your permit.

April U-bills will be processed on April 6 instead of April 1 in order to allow all credits mentioned above to be processed and credited to student accounts. Any refunds due from U-bills will be sent to students the week of April 6. The fastest way to receive a refund is electronically by direct deposit. Students can insure the university has your direct deposit information by following this link—obo.uni.edu/sites/default/files/documents/student-direct-deposit.pdf.

Note: U-bill late fees are waived through June 30, 2020.

Course Grading Extensions

Academic policies that can be used to support students during this extraordinary time continue to be reviewed. Previously announced were extensions to the deadlines for changing a course from graded to Credit/No Credit and for withdrawing from a course. The deadlines are further extended to May 8, the last day of finals week, to give students more time to make decisions that best fit their unique and changing needs. A course taken as Credit/No Credit will fulfill requirements but does not impact a student’s GPA. Withdrawing from a course, even at the end of the semester, means you are unenrolled from the course and no grade is recorded. Students considering withdrawing from classes should consider how that might impact their progress toward graduation. We recommend students consult with their advisors if they have questions about these options.

Graduating Students

The university is working on an option for a virtual commencement celebration, which will enable you and your family to celebrate in May. You will also be invited to participate in campus ceremonies next fall or spring. Additional information will be shared once details are finalized.

As we continue through these unprecedented times, know that your presence is missed on the campus. This obviously is not how any of us wanted to progress towards the end of the semester. Your resilience and adaptability during this time will help make you a more productive employee and member of society for the future. Thank you for your patience and your continued efforts to keep yourself and your communities safe.