Testing and Contact Tracing

Dear Campus Community,

One of the most important things we can do to continue to guard against the spread of COVID-19 is to understand how to protect ourselves and others against exposure. Remember, we should routinely wear masks, socially distance and stay home when sick. But we also need to understand the importance of contact tracing.

This diagram shows what occurs when someone contracts COVID-19 and elects to be tested at the Student Health Center or at a TestIowa site. Please take a moment to review the process.

It’s critical that we remember these things as we continue to move through the semester:

  • No matter your current health status, it’s important to take the Panther Health Survey every day if you're coming to campus and when your COVID status changes. This tool is the best way for UNI to collect complete data, which is immensely important in monitoring the spread and ensuring proper contact tracing - especially when a person is tested off-campus. It also provides our community with important information and resources. 

  • Answer the call! If you receive a call from an unknown 319 or 515 number, please pick up. It could be a person from the Student Health Center, the Iowa Department of Public Health, or the Black Hawk County Health Department letting you know you’ve been exposed and what steps to take to protect yourself and others. 

  • For students who opt to get tested at a TestIowa site, please be sure to provide your local address, and let them know you attend UNI. This helps to ensure the right people at UNI are notified, and that we can conduct classroom contact tracing if necessary. And remember - if you test off-campus, it’s critical to take the daily survey. 

This afternoon, the UNI COVID-19 dashboard was updated with new information that breaks down the number of student and employee cases. Our processes continue to evolve and improve, and we’re committed to making sure our campus community stays informed - and healthy.

In partnership, 
The COVID-19 Response Team