Recommended Syllabus Statement

Faculty are asked to include the following statement, approved by the Faculty Senate, on all syllabi for the fall 2020 semester:

Protecting our campus from COVID-19 depends on all of us acting with care and responsibility. To protect each other and our campus community, we are required to wear masks or face shields that cover our mouths and noses inside all campus buildings, including throughout the duration of class. We are asked to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms, stay away from others and seek medical attention if we’re not feeling well and/or experience any symptoms such as a fever over 100.4, and to communicate and plan proactively to make up for missed learning. We will maintain physical distancing by sitting in designated areas in the classroom. In order to facilitate contact tracing, Black Hawk County requires us to sit in assigned seats, and you are asked to adhere to your assigned seat. If your assigned seat does not work well for you, please notify me immediately so that we can work together to reassign you. Failure to follow these requirements can result in students being referred to the student conduct process and faculty being referred to the Associate Provost for Faculty. We take these steps together recognizing that my mask protects you, your mask protects me, and together wearing masks protects the entire UNI community. Our collective actions will determine our ability to remain together in an in-person learning environment.