Helping students with technology

UNI Faculty, 

In our transition to fully online teaching, we need to recognize that some of our students might experience challenges with technology as well as with internet access. While we have provided students with information and options to establish access, we may have some students who will be unable to finish classes if we do not create technology-free or technology-minimal opportunities for course participation and completion.

Because our focus must be on student success and progress towards graduation, we must find ways for all students to successfully complete the semester. Two actions are requested of all faculty members.

First, we ask that you prepare to provide alternative methods for students to receive class materials and to complete assignments if they are unable to access the technology you have identified for your online course design. Options could include, but are not limited to, phone correspondence, direct email exchanges, or exploring access to materials in hardcopy. We do not anticipate significant numbers of students needing this type of alternative access to courses and course materials, but want to proactively encourage planning for the possibility. Information about teaching options for low bandwidth is included on the Remote Access site and the CETL will offer a workshop on limited bandwidth teaching on March 25.

Second, all faculty are asked to notify Dean of Students staff of individual students who have expressed concerns or difficulty with their access to technology. Even if you have addressed ways to meet the student’s needs, please remember that students may have varying difficulty across their schedule of classes, and we want to proactively track and reach out to students who are struggling.