Guidance for COVID questions and concerns

Dear Campus Community,

In an effort to help our students, faculty and staff better understand where to turn for information and answers related to the presence of COVID-19 on our campus, we have made some important updates to the UNI COVID Response Team and want to remind you of the importance of the Panther Health Survey.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, take the following steps:

  • Use the Panther Health Survey to self-report your status. The workflow behind the Panther Health Survey will notify critical areas, allowing us to maintain a safe campus environment, and will provide you with critical information regarding next steps;

  • Follow self-isolation or quarantine instructions provided by your physician

A few weeks ago, we announced the formation of a new COVID Response Team Steering Committee. Co-chaired by Colleen Mulholland, dean of the College of Education, and Joseph Rayzor, director of Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety, the steering committee has been providing oversight of case tracking, data collection and distribution, and COVID-19 campus communication - as well as responding to various virus-related questions and scenarios impacting our students and employees. As they maneuver this work, the committee follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Iowa Department of Public Health, and Black Hawk County. They also work closely with the Student Health Center and contact tracers on the UNI campus.

It is important for our campus to know we also have a team of 21 Campus Liaisons who serve as an advisory group to the steering committee and are positioned to assist the flow of accurate information. These individuals are:

Susan Basye (Rod Library) - 
Mike Bobeldyk (Student Affairs) - 
Elle Boeding (NISG) - 
Cole Bowermaster (Advancement) -
Terri Crumley (Admissions) -
Karen Cunningham (Continuing & Distance Education) - 
Stacia Eggers (Athletics) - 
Patrice Goecken (Merit AFSCME) - 
Oksana Grybovych Hafermann (College of Education) -
Becky Hawbaker (United Faculty) -
Deedee Heistad (Undergraduate Studies) -
Bill Henninger (College of Social & Behavioral Sciences) -
J.C. Last (P&S Council) -
Ryan McGeough (College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences) -
Kristin Moser (Institutional Research & Effectiveness) -
Amy Petersen (Faculty Chair) -
Diego Saavedra (Graduate College) -
Justin Schemmel (Athletics) -
Robert Smith (UNI CUE) -
Joe Ugrin (College of Business Administration) -
Catherine Zeman (Faculty, COE, Public Health) -

As a campus, please remember these important things:

  • Fill out the Panther Health Survey each day you are scheduled to come to campus, leave your dormitory, or your COVID status changes; 

  • Contact your Campus Liaison if you have any general COVID-related questions or concerns; 

  • Remember to check for information and updates. 

Thank you to these dedicated individuals for their commitment in helping to protect the health and well-being of our campus.

Mark A. Nook
President, UNI