Forward Together Update

Dear Panther Community,

With widespread vaccines driving a drop in COVID-19 cases to the lowest levels in over a year, we've made some changes to the Panther Health Survey

The survey, which is no longer arriving in your inbox each morning, will now be used exclusively as a tool for faculty, staff and students to report a COVID-19 related absence. As a result the survey no longer needs to be completed daily before coming to campus if you are well and do not need to miss class or work. 

Face Covering Reminder

While the Iowa Board of Regents has said masks are no longer required for faculty, staff, students and visitors on campus, individuals can choose to wear one if they so choose. According to the Board of Regents, "Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to continue to wear a mask or other appropriate face-covering while on campus."

We strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated. The most up-to-date information on vaccinations in Black Hawk County is available on the Black Hawk County Health Department website. Currently 57.7% of Black Hawk County residents over 18 years of age are vaccinated according to Black Hawk County.

People who have been fully vaccinated not only have a very low risk of developing serious illness from COVID-19, they are also less likely to transmit the virus to others, according to the CDC.

Accommodations Process Reminder

Students who have concerns about an underlying health condition(s) and the risks of attending classes, living in a residence hall, or any other aspect of the educational experience due to COVID-19 should consult with their health care provider. Please connect with Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible to discuss accommodations specific to your access needs.

Faculty and staff with a disability who have a concern regarding their ability to carry out the essential functions of their job should be referred to Workplace Accommodations Services to initiate the interactive process in accordance with the ADA.

Events Committee Update

With the recent change in guidance at the federal and state level events occurring during the summer and fall sessions will no longer have to submit an Event Authorization Form to the Forward Together Events Committee. 

University departments and student organizations should continue to follow university protocol and CDC guidance when planning events to protect the health of all participants. 

If you have a question, please visit or email it to Thanks for all that you do to keep yourself, your family and the Panther community safe.

Stay Well, 

John Vallentine,
Associate Provost for Faculty 

Joseph Rayzor,
Director of Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety