Forward Together Update—11/13/20

Panther Health Survey Updated

The Panther Health Survey now features new questions designed to provide updated guidance about what to do if a member of your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

The updates, which recently took effect following new guidance from the Black Hawk County Health Department advising that individuals with a household member experiencing symptoms should also stay home until COVID-19 can be ruled out by a medical professional or a negative test result.

Simply put - if someone in your household is unsure if what they have is COVID-19, everyone should use caution and stay home. And if you have any concerns about being exposed to a person with COVID-19, please visit the Student Health Center website for information on how you can get tested.

Please remember to continue to fill out the Panther Health Survey each day you're reporting to campus or if you are experiencing any non-baseline COVID-19 symptoms. And if you have been exposed and are under quarantine orders, be sure to stay home until your quarantine timeframe has expired.

Safeguarding Our Mental Health

Beyond COVID testing, we also want to be sure you are taking care of yourself. Students please utilize the UNI Counseling Center resources available to you and check out the Forward Together site for additional resources. The CDC also offers useful tips.