Forward Together Update—10/13/20

UNI to cover COVID-19 rapid testing cost for students in need

New Testing Updates from the Student Health Clinic: In the near future, the UNI Student Health Clinic will make COVID-19 rapid testing more frequently available to students who have been exposed to the virus and are experiencing symptoms. Although rapid testing has always been available for individuals with more severe symptoms, the Student Health Clinic will soon be able to provide these quick results to even more students at UNI due to the acquisition of additional testing equipment. Rapid testing results take an hour or less.

When this equipment arrives, rapid testing will then come at a moderate cost for students (the clinic will bill the student’s insurance company $80 for the test). However, as part of our commitment to supporting students, the university will cover the cost for those whose insurance will not pay, as well as the cost for uninsured students. If for any reason the claim is denied, UNI will apply the cost to a student’s U-Bill, and then provide resources from the UNI Together Scholarship to cover the fee. 

What Stays the Same? Remember, there will continue to be a free standard (non-rapid) testing option for students. This testing process usually takes 48-72 hours. These tests are processed by the State Hygenics lab in Coralville - the same process used by TestIowa locations. These have always been free, and will continue to be for the remainder of the academic year. 

When Should You Get Tested? If you are experiencing symptoms, the SHC is often able to schedule an appointment for the same day. If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, the Clinic will advise that you be tested four days after your exposure. (It can take four days to have enough cells in your nose for a positive result. If you are tested too soon, there is a possibility of a false negative test.) Call the UNI COVID-19 phone line at 319-273-2100 to be assessed.

Remember - Keep Yourself Protected: As we approach the cold-weather season, please keep this health guidance in mind:

  • Wear your face covering. 

  • Ensure you have 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.

  • Wash your hands regularly, and make sure your hands are clean before touching your face. 

  • Protect your health this flu season by getting a flu shot. The UNI Student Health Clinic is providing free flu shots this semester. 

  • Monitor your health daily, take the Panther Health Survey when you plan to be on campus or your health status changes. 

  • Stay home if you’re sick. 

We wish you good health as we finish the final weeks of the semester. If you have any questions about testing options, financial assistance, or if you wish to be tested, please contact the Student Health Clinic at 319-273-2100 or

Have questions? Reach out to us

Students seeking answers to questions about COVID-19-related issues should email us at You can also find resources and information about COVID-19 on the Forward Together website