Fall Planning - Student Employees


As we prepare for the Fall here are some things to make sure are in your plans for the student employees in your area.

  • Tell them to review the information in the Fall 2020 Department Protocols sent by HRS and to complete the COVID-19 Slow the Spread Training.
  • Communicate expectations for social distancing, wearing masks and other safety measures to keep everyone safe at work. 
  • Think about remote work opportunities for student employees. Remote work can be used for students that are high risk, need to self-isolate, have COVID-19 symptoms, etc. 
  • Be clear with student employees about the hours they are expected to work a week and if that will be in-person or can be done remotely.
  • Have group training sessions via Zoom rather than in person to limit the contact between student employees.
  • Currently the CDC guidelines state that an individual needs to self-isolate for 14 days after close contact (within 6 ft for 15 minutes or more) with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. So try to stagger student employee schedules so they have minimum contact with each other in case someone in your area tests positive.
  • Tell them about the COVID-19 Sick & Family Leave (more information below) and where they can find the Leaves Survey if they need to request the leave.

COVID-19 Sick & Family Leave

Hourly student employees may be eligible for up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave until December 31, 2020 according to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. More information can be found on the HRS FAQ page, and we will be adding additional resources to our website in the coming weeks. Students must complete the Leaves Survey and supply the necessary documentation in order to receive the leave. This leave can be used when a student can't work (in-person or remotely) for a variety of qualifying reasons, including needing to self-isolate after being in close contact with an individual that tested positive for COVID-19, waiting for a COVID-19 test result, testing positive for COVID-19, etc. Please keep this in mind as you are planning your budget and staffing needs for the Fall. 

We will be having a Zoom training on July 29 from 1-2 for supervisors to discuss the COVID-19 Sick Leave in more detail. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom instructions. The presentation will be posted on our website afterward if you are not able to attend.