COVID-19 Dashboards

Date Updated: Monday, July 26, 2021 - 12:58 pm

The following COVID-19 data is updated each Monday at noon. Data collection for the Student Health Center and Department of Residence began on August 17, 2020.  In an effort to provide the most accurate information, historical data may be updated as necessary.   

Week of July 19-25: Total self-reported cases were 1—same as the previous week. The percentage of positive test results was 9.09%—down from 37.50% the previous week for on-campus testing from the Student Health Center. You can find more data below or access the weekly snapshot.  

For additional data regarding COVID-19 visit the dashboards for Black Hawk County Public Health, Iowa Department of Public Health, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Student Health Center

*The numbers below reflect data collected Monday through Friday. The Student Health Center does not conduct testing on the weekends. Numbers are current as of 7/26/21. The data is updated by noon on the following Monday. In accordance with IDPH guidance, counts of 1 through 5 will be represented by a "less than 6" symbol. Zeros and counts of 6 or greater will be released. Inconclusive tests will be included in the the Test Administered column, but not in the Positive Cases or Negative Cases columns.

Weekly Totals

Date Range SHC: # of Tests Administered SHC: # of Positive Cases SHC: # of Negative Cases Positivity Rate
7/19/21-7/25/21 11 <6 10 9.09%
7/12/21-7/18/21 8 <6 <6 37.50%
7/5/21-7/11/21 8 0 8 0.00%
6/28/21-7/4/21 13 0 13 0.00%
6/21/21-6/27/21 11 <6 7 36.36%
6/14/21-6/20/21 15 <6 12 20.00%
6/7/21-6/13/21 <6 <6 <6 50.00%

Infection Rate Comparison

During the fall semester (8/17-11/25) UNI implemented a comprehensive plan of various stacked strategies including requiring face coverings, physical distancing, self screening, enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures and various other steps to protect students, faculty and staff. During the fall semester 4.72% of UNI’s population (who tested positive at the Health Clinic) was infected with COVID-19 compared to 5.25% of the state’s population. 

July 18: UNI’s infection rate was at .03% compared to Black Hawk County’s rate of .20% and the State of Iowa’s rate of .07%.

Infection rate comparison chart

These numbers reflect the rolling 14-day total of positive tests in an area divided by that area’s total population. Areas compared in this chart include the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), Black Hawk County (BH) and the State of Iowa (IA). The University of Northern Iowa’s population includes students, faculty and staff. Beginning February 12, 2021, UNI’s spring census data will be used going forward. The rolling 14-day total of positive tests for Black Hawk County (BH) and the State of Iowa (IA) is pulled from, while the University of Northern Iowa’s rolling 14-day total of positive tests comes from the Student Health Center.


Department of Residence Quarantine and Isolation

*Numbers current as of 7/26/21. In accordance with IDPH guidance, counts of 1 through 5 will be represented by a "less than 6" symbol. Zeros and counts of 6 or greater will be released.

DOR: # in Quarantine DOR: # in Isolation
0 0

Self-Reported COVID-19 Cases: Weekly Totals

*Numbers are current as of 7/26/21. Friday - Sunday numbers will be added by noon on the following Monday.

Date Range New Cases
7/19/21-7/25/21 1

Self-Reported COVID-19 Cases: Daily Totals

*Numbers are reported daily and are updated as 12:00pm each day.

These numbers reflect only daily self-reported COVID-19 cases from UNI students, faculty and staff since September 1, 2020, reported through the Panther Health Survey. Self-reported cases in this table may also be counted in the Student Health Center weekly totals. Therefore, the numbers should not be combined for a grand total.

Self-Reported Cases Archive

Vaccine Information

Black Hawk County Public Health is currently administering COVID-19 vaccines in Black Hawk County. Information regarding the total number of vaccine doses and total number of completed vaccine series administered can be found on their COVID-19 Vaccine Information page.