COVID-19 Response Team Update

Dear Campus Community, 

The COVID-19 Response Team continues to closely monitor the rise in cases on our campus and throughout the region. We also continue to routinely consult with health officials and campus administration in order to determine next steps during this uncertain and challenging time.

Infection Rate: We have started monitoring the campus infection rate, which is the frequency of occurrence of new cases of infection within a defined population during a specified time frame. The new chart on today's Forward Together COVID-19 Dashboard illustrates the comparison of the 14-day infection rate at UNI, in Black Hawk County and in the state of Iowa. What we are seeing is that our campus community has an infection rate half of that of the county; this reinforces that the controls we have put in place are working.

Mingle Mindfully: Despite the rise in cases, our data indicate COVID-19 is not being spread on our campus; individuals are primarily coming into contact with the virus when in close proximity with affected friends or family members, or when attending social gatherings.

Mitigation Efforts Work: Although we didn't know how the semester would transpire related to COVID-19, the decisions we made this summer to start and finish the semester early were the right ones to make. Moreover, the mitigation that took place in our classrooms has been working.

Complete the Semester: We only have two weeks left of the semester. Encourage each other to utilize the resources available to you and check them out yourself. If you are well, safely interact and support your peers in and out of the classroom; if you are sick, stay home and recover.

It is extremely important that we don't let up on following recommended safety measures - both on and off campus. We must do everything we can to slow the spread - it is a vital responsibility we all share.

Thank you for your continued commitment to reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

Colleen Mulholland, Dean of the College of Education
Joseph Rayzor, Director of Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety