COVID-19 Response Team

Team Charge

The UNI COVID-19 Response Team Steering Committee will provide oversight for tracking incidents of COVID-19 cases on the UNI campus and work with various units to develop a response to confirmed cases. The Steering Committee will follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Iowa Department of Public Health, and Black Hawk County and work closely with the Student Health Center and the contact tracers on the UNI campus. The Steering Committee will utilize the IDPH COVID-19 Higher Education Guidance. The co-chairs will regularly report to Senior Leadership.  

The Steering Committee will work with the UNI COVID-19 Response Team Campus Liaisons  which includes individuals from various areas of campus. Serving in a key advisory role, the Campus Liaisons will receive data and information regarding cases on campus and will provide feedback and guidance to the Steering Committee. The two groups will meet on a weekly basis to share overall campus data and, when possible, review incidents that have occurred and the campus response.

Response Team Membership

COVID-19 Response Team Co-Chairs:

Joseph Rayzor, Director of Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety
John Vallentine, Associate Provost for Faculty

COVID-19 Response Team Steering Committee:

Michelle Byers - Human Resource Services
Marty Mark - Information Technology
Jim Mattingly - Faculty Chair
Shelley O'Connell - Student Health Services
Nick Rafanello - Housing and Dining
Steve Schmadeke - University Relations

COVID-19 Response Team Campus Liaisons:

Susan Basye - Rod Library
Mike Bobeldyk - Student Affairs 
Elle Boeding - NISG
Terri Crumley  - Admissions
Karen Cunningham - Continuing Distance Education 
Stacia Eggers - Athletics 
Patrice Goecken - Merit AFSCME
Oksana Grybovych Hafermann - College of Education
Becky Hawbaker - United Faculty 
John Ophus  - Undergraduate Studies
Bill Henninger - College of Social Behavioral Sciences 
J.C. Last - P&S Council
Ryan McGeough College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences 
Amy Mohr - Advancement
Kristin Moser - Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Diego Saavedra - Graduate College 
Justin Schemmel - Athletics 
Robert Smith - UNI CUE