Classroom Seating Charts


Thank you for your commitment to creating and uploading seating charts for your classes in a timely manner. Your attention to this critical detail demonstrates the importance of the health and safety of our campus.

Here are some things to consider:

  • If the chart is too small to write student names and ID numbers, number the seats on the chart and create a corresponding list of student names and ID numbers by seat number. Don’t forget to upload BOTH documents.

  • If you are teaching online, you do not need to upload a seating chart or a roster.

  • Remember, the audience of the seating charts are UNI’s contact tracers. Be as clear and direct as you can on your charts (and corresponding documents, if you choose). 

Anyone at the IT Service Desk can assist with the use of Google tools. These are the ways that the Service Desk can be reached:

How to access Service Hub

Seating charts are critically important to our contact tracing efforts. We have other tools we are utilizing that allow for us to query critical information.

Thank you for all you are doing!

Colleen Mulholland, Dean of the College of Education
Joseph Rayzor, Director of Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety.