Our COVID-19 Response

The Panther Community has made great efforts to keep campus safe. Wearing masks, physically distancing, washing your hands, reporting symptoms via the Panther Health survey and getting tested have all been vital this past year.

We do plan to safely return to in-person instruction and campus activities this fall. We are committed to continuing to provide educational and social activities that build strong friendships between students and personal relationships with faculty and staff.


Fall 2021 Plans

Following new CDC guidelines:

Physical Distancing: All departments and units should begin to transition to normal occupancy in common areas (e.g., offices, break rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, etc.). At this time, current Plexiglas dividers and hand sanitizers will remain in place.

Face Coverings: Effective immediately, face coverings will no longer be required campus-wide.

Those who have not been vaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue wearing face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines. Individuals who are fully vaccinated can continue to wear face coverings on campus if they choose to do so. As we make this transition, please continue to treat each other with respect and grace. 

Vaccines: Our ability to loosen these restrictions are a powerful reminder of the benefits of getting vaccinated, and we continue to encourage everyone to be vaccinated as soon as they are able.

Protecting Our Panthers: News & Stories

Blake Thomas COVID story

Former UNI football player tackling disease research

Now in grad school with plans to become an epidemiologist, Blake Thomas is studying how to fight diseases that disportionately impact minoritized communities. “I want to help people,” he said.

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Maddie Johnson COVID story

Modeling COVID-19 infection

UNI physics student Madelyn Johnson is working on an infection model that examines how COVID-19 spreads through a community.

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Answering the Call COVID story

Answering the call

In the early months of the pandemic, thousands stepped up to provide personal protective equipment in the U.S., including many Panthers. Now a team of sociologists at UNI and elsewhere are researching what led to the outpouring of support.

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Questions or Suggestions?

Parents and community members—if you have questions or suggestions about our response to COVID-19, please email us at forwardtogether@uni.edu.

Students who have COVID-19 related concerns to share should email forwardtogether@uni.edu.