Our Work to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19

Everyone at the University of Northern Iowa is excited to see our students back on campus. While our campus operations may look a little different, we are protecting the high-quality learning environment and face-to-face experience our students at UNI are accustomed to.

To protect the health of our community, please remember these important things:

Take the Panther Health Survey Every Day

We’re asking all faculty, staff and students to complete a daily Panther Health survey before leaving their dorm room or arriving at UNI’s campus or facilities or when you experience a material change in your COVID-19 status. The survey is delivered to the UNI community via email each morning. It can also be accessed through the free UNI app available for download at the Apple App Store or Google Play. An online version of the survey is also available.

Follow Campus Safety Protocols

UNI students, faculty, staff and visiting community members are required to wear face coverings in all campus buildings, as well as outside if social distancing is not possible. Remember these simple tips: wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, mask up, and use the Panther Health Survey for guidance on what to do and to help the university track the number of COVID-19 cases on campus.

Contact your Campus Liaisons

Do you have general COVID-19 related questions or concerns? Reach out to one of the members of the COVID-19 Response Team. They can answer questions, point you toward resources, and bring more complex COVID-19 questions and situations to the Response Team Steering Committee for administrative input.

Contact Tracing: Answer the Call

Answer the call! If you receive a call from an unknown 319 or 515 number, please answer the call. It could be a person from the Student Health Center, the Iowa Department of Public Health or the Black Hawk County Health Department letting you know you’ve been exposed and what steps to take to protect yourself and others. This diagram shows what occurs when someone contracts COVID-19 and elects to be tested at the Student Health Center or at a TestIowa site. Please take a moment to review the process.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Cold, the Flu and COVID-19

Generally speaking, it’s easier to tell the difference between a cold - which has milder symptoms often including a runny or stuffy nose - from the flu, which is more severe. Flu symptoms include a fever or feverish feeling, cough, sore throat, headaches and body aches. Serious cases can lead to pneumonia.

But the difference between the flu and COVID-19 can be more difficult to determine. The CDC has laid out several key differences between the flu and COVID-19. If in doubt, get tested for COVID-19. 

Questions or Suggestions?

Parents and community members—if you have questions or suggestions about our response to COVID-19, please email us at forwardtogether@uni.edu.

Students who have COVID-19 related concerns to share should email forwardtogether@uni.edu.